Celine Asril

Writer | Editor | Strategist | Consultant

Creator, curator and consultant for quality print and digital content

Writes about sustainability, food, drink and travel

As a former food and drink editor, I've had my fair share of decadent meals... 

While reporting about and critiquing Singapore's food and drink scene, I've seen many restaurants come and go; analyzing what works -- and what doesn't -- has become second nature to me.  

I cut my teeth in London, UK: One of my first jobs was to review and take photographs for a book on top London food and tourist establishments by Londontown.com.

My next jobs included being an anonymous restaurant critic for ViewLondon; a correspondent and consultant for food and travel guide, Mappetite; and writer, researcher and coordinator for the Local Food Heroes campaign at UKTV Food. 

Throughout my food writing career, my experiences in the kitchen as a cook, and as former assistant to acclaimed food photographer, Jason Lowe, served me well. 

With editor-ships at Time Out Singapore and HungryGoWhere (Singapore's biggest food and drink website) tucked under my belt, I've expanded into travel and sustainability journalism and content consultancy. 

I now specialize in turning print content web-friendly through more than just SEO optimization. Social media content and analysis are my forte too. I've consulted for companies of all industries, from The Working Capitol to American Express

My published works can currently be found on Forbes Travel GuideCollectively.org and AsiaForGood.com. I have written features for Esquire SingaporeSC LuxuryEpicureWine & Dine and ScootTiger, and Jetstar Asia's in-flight magazines. 

I've also re-established my blog. True to my (gluttonous) form, it'll contain musings about food and drink. My passion for sustainable, eco-friendly solutions, and green technologies will also be an influence in its new direction.