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On Writing

Writing is about challenging yourself, practice, and the determination to do both. It's also about the openness and willingness to learn, knowing your abilities and limits, and when to admit defeat and say, "I will learn to do better." It's a skill that keeps evolving, and you'll have your good and bad days. Sometimes it's rigid, but at its best, it's fluid; mastering this skill takes years, many of reaching rock bottom. Even after you've strung the words out to dry, you cringe over every letter, every sentence. It's made worse when you have a chance to click "undo" -- you're published, but the obsession never stops. 

Ta-Nehisi Coates on writing: "I always consider the entire process about failure, and I think that's the reason why more people don't write."

Posted by The Atlantic on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Our Work Has Value

Photojournalist, David Carson's quote, "Our work has value, and I won't give it away for free," has been making its rounds. It's struck a deep chord -- you don't have to be a photojournalist to realize that valuable work shouldn't have to be given away for free. 

As a writer/journalist/content producer, I've come across people who want me and my peers to work for free. Often the request is for us to do the job in goodwill and/or in exchange for possible future assignments. 

"Opportunities" like these can actually be seen as a positive; in this everyone-can-be-a-writer/photojournalist world, there seems to still be a place for professional content creators, acknowledged or not.  

It is often forgotten that there is value, and most importantly, quality in the work that professionals do. We also often overlook the "opportunities" -- these are gaps in the markets that need filling.

So whether the demand is recognized or not, do yourself and your industry right -- try not to sell yourself short.